In the development of distribution of industrial diesel fuel (non-subsidized) owned by PERTAMINA, especially among industries, either in the mining, plantation, agriculture, construction or transportation sectors in Indonesia. 
Therefore, PT MARANYALA ENERGI INDONESIA sees a business opportunity for the needs of this industrial fuel oil which is likely to develop after it is well established and executed to get maximum results, both from the financial aspect, absorption of labor or utilization of community resources around it. With the increasing level of business competition and in order to increase professionalism and comfort and customer satisfaction, 
PT. MARANYALA ENERGI INDONESIA strives to be the best fuel oil distributor company in its field. Looking from a different angle on this industry, we also understand the potential and the strategy required. Departing from our technical capabilities, experience and networks, we come with the same form as other similar companies. However, it is able to provide the best definition and service for energy needs in Indonesia.

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